Our offer

Digital training anywhere

Habbie is a digital service for training at home, in residences, clinics or receptions. The solution consists of a patient app, an administration interface and an exercise bank. The patient app is cross-platform, making it possible to use it on a tablet, mobile phone, computer, smart TV or large touch screen with camera. The administration interface is web-based and adapted for both computers and mobile phones. Habbie's flexible technology means that the service can be used in all kinds of businesses.

For the patient

Habbie offers a unique patient experience. By the patient seeing himself and a digital physiotherapist on the screen at the same time, the experience of training together with someone is enhanced. In addition, the conditions for the exercises to be performed correctly increase.

The training program is adapted to each patient's conditions and goals. The choice of exercises, the number of repetitions and sets as well as the speed of the movements are set and changed easily based on the patient's progress.

After each training session, the patient can easily leave a self-assessment about how the training is experienced. She can also leave a voice message or a request to be contacted.

For the employees

With Habbie, the employees in activities within rehabilitation, habilitation and preventive training have greater opportunities to treat and follow up their patients. The challenge of motivating patients to exercise daily becomes easier as Habbie increases the patient's motivation to take responsibility for their own exercise.

The work with setup and follow-up is done in Habbie's administration interface that works in the browser on the computer or mobile.

For the care provider

Healthcare providers have a challenge in staff shortages combined with a growing need for care. Habbie provides greater opportunities for the user to take responsibility themselves and spend time on their (re)habilitation, which means that greater staff resources can be put where they are really needed.

Close care

Close care is an initiative for a new way of working with health, care and social care. 

A more accessible, closer care can, together with new working methods in care, mean that the resources in care and social care can be used better and thus reach more people. The core of close care is a person-centred working method based on the individual's needs and conditions.

Habbie is based on this approach and has a given place as a tool to support close care in rehabilitation, habilitation and preventive training.