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Better and more enjoyable training

Habbie is a digital service for rehabilitation, habilitation and preventive training. The service makes training fun and motivating, ensures the quality of the treatment and promotes compliance and follow-up. For staff and caregivers, Habbie provides the opportunity to help more people with existing resources.

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Smart and simple features

It's easy to train with Habbie. The digital physiotherapist guides the patient through individually tailored training sessions. At the same time as you see the instructions, you see yourself and easily follow along with the exercises. When the training session is complete, you can give feedback to your caregiver about how you experienced the training via simple button presses or voice message.

How Habbie works

Full control for the healthcare provider

The healthcare staff has full control over their patients' training with the help of Habbie's user-friendly administration interface. It is easy to set up and adapt training programs and follow up on training.

Planning and follow-up

With Habbie, security is not a problem

Habbie meets all the requirements placed on digital care services. With all operations within Sweden, we guarantee that no patient data ends up abroad. Together with strict routines and regular tests, this means that Habbie complies with all regulatory requirements.

Security and compliance